Veteran’s Healthcare Training

Veterans Healthcare Training Bridge Program


Most Healthcare professionals have experience, but lack documentation. Why spend thousands of dollars going back to school in tough economic times like these for skills they already have when they really only need a refresher, continuing education or certification.

This Program was designed to save veterans time and money. Based on knowledge and military healthcare training skills you have already obtained. Veterans can bridge to Healthcare Certification Programs, which include National Certification that can potentially lead to employment.

NMCA’s offers the following continuing education and certification workshops for Veterans:

  1. Phlebotomy Technician $350 includes CPT certification
  2. Clinical Medical Assistant $699 includes CMA/CPT & EKG certifications
  3. Patient Care Technician $699 includes PCT/ CPT & EKG certifications
  4. EKG Technician $399 includes EKG certification
  5. Phlebotomy & EKG $399 includes CPT & EKG certifications
  6. Paramedical Examiner $699 includes CPT & EKG certifications
  7. IV Certification workshop $690 includes certification
  8. Medical Administrative Assistant $599 includes certification
  9. Pharmacy Technician $599 includes certification
  10. Medical Laboratory Assistant $599 includes certification
  11. Healthcare Workers Bridge Program $495 includes certification
  12. Multi Skill Technician $1099 includes CMST/ CPT, CPT,CEKG,CCMA certifications
  13. Residential Healthcare Technician $599 certification included
  14. Medical Billing & Coding Specialist $599 includes certification
  15. Surgical Technician $499 Certification Included

NMCA  has a complete process dedicated to your success

After taking one of our continuing education home study classes to learn the content of a specific subject, you will participate in a one-day live hands-on class to practice and review skills, then you take the corresponding certification exam. When you pass the exam, you earn the continuing education hours and national certification for that class – just as you would if you had attended the class for an entire program and paid full tuition for it.

Pathway 1.

Preparatory reading prerequisite and 1-day Hands-on class with real instructors.

You can complete the preparatory reading at your own pace. The 40-Hour Continuing Education (CE) Preparatory reading prerequisite is a mandatory component of this Certification Workshop and must be completed before students arrive for the live training session of the certification workshop.

Pathway 2. Exemption from exam and clinical session

Medical Certification Pathway

Experience may be substituted in lieu of a certification exam, and will be evaluated by the board on an individual basis as criteria for meeting the exam eligibility requirements.

Candidates wishing to obtain National Certification via the Medical Certification Pathway must have:

Equivalent work experience in order to be eligible for the Medical Certification Pathway. This alternative path will serve experienced Healthcare Professionals who were not in a position to attend a recognized program.

As part of the evaluation, we take a look at any previous medical training classes you’ve taken and or work experience to determine which ones may qualify you for this program. Even if you took the course a long time ago, don’t worry many courses and work experience may still count regardless of how long ago they were taken.

Pathway 2: Medical Certification Pathway : .

  1. Hold certain relevant professional qualifications in good standing in Medical – Healthcare related fields.
  2. Equivalent work experience as a Healthcare Professional (min. 160 hours).
  3. Experience must be either paid or volunteer. Clinical experience does not count.
  4. Patient Care Tech – must have (min. 160 hours) of paid or volunteer experience
  5. EKG Tech – must have (min. 160 hours) of paid or volunteer experience
  6. Medical billing and coding – must have (min. 160 hours) of paid or volunteer experience
  7. Veterinary Tech – must have (min. 160 hours) of paid or volunteer experience
  8. Medical Laboratory Tech –must have (min. 160 hours) of paid or volunteer experience
  9. Phlebotomy Tech – must have (min. 160 hours) of paid or volunteer experience
  10. Pharmacy Tech – must have (min. 160 hours) of paid or volunteer experience
  11. Medical Assistant –must have  (min. 160 hours)of paid or volunteer experience
  12. Residential Healthcare Technician –must have (min. 160 hours)of paid or volunteer experience
  13. Medical Administrative Assistant – must have (min. 160 hours) of paid or volunteer experience
  14. Healthcare Instructor Certification– must have (min. 160 hours) of paid experience

Upon receipt of your $495.00 payment, your registration application, and all required documentation. Your application will be processed, and completed in 7 business days. Your certification will then be mailed to you in 7 business days.

4 easy steps to earn National Certification : Get Started Today on  the Medical Certification Pathway Program

  1. Register on-line or submit the paper registration
  2. Submit the $495 payment online st the time of registration
  3. Submit your credentials
  4. Complete the work verification form that can be downloaded from our website on the forms page, or a signed letter of verification from their supervisor verifying the length of their employment, and a description of the applicant’s job duties. This letter must be on company letterhead, and signed by your supervisor. Please fax form to 877-554-5380 or email to Please enclose or submit online the $495.00 payment with the registration form when you turn it in.

If your experience alone does not qualify you for a waiver on the written exam you will be asked to submit a proficiency skills competency exam form signed by your supervisor. Please fax form to 877-554-5380 or email

Accelerated option: Many students accelerate their way by taking two continuing education classes at a time.


We prepare you every step of the way. You’ll learn the content you need to pass certification exams and get continuing education hours for the class the exams represent.