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Please Read through the information on the requirements page for questions pertaining to your eligibility to participate in the continuing education activities and certification workshops.

National Medical Certification Association for Health Care Professionals does not provide nor guarantee jobs.
We provide CE Hours and skill enhancement services only. “Continuing Education Provider Number CEP16551
Valid through 10/31/2022

Federal Law does not require Healthcare Professionals that meet certain professional standards to attend lengthy traditional programs in order to obtain certification.

To begin with the registration process at NMCA, please fill out the form below or use our downloadable form. This serves as your application for enrollment to the workshop you plan to take. *Please Read through the information on the REQUIREMENTS PAGE very carefully before registering or contacting NMCA with questions pertaining to your eligibility to participate in the continuing education activities and certification workshops. NMCA’s Continuing Education Certification Workshops are not for entry-level private pay students entering into the medical field. They are only designed for qualified medical professionals.

If you are looking for an entry-level program. Most trade schools and community colleges in your area offer lengthy programs that usually include externships and clinical rotations.

All fields are required. If a field does not apply, be sure to enter “na”.

Marital Status*

What is your highest level of education?*
High School GraduatePossess a GEDHave the equivalent from a foreign country

I understand that in order to qualify for this continuing education activity and Certification workshop, I must meet the the following requirements in addition to all the requirements listed on the requirement page that I was instructed to read prior to signing up for this continuing activity. I further understand that I must submit proof that I meet one of the following listed requirements listed below and on the requirements page in order to attend the continuing education activity and sit for the certification exam. I also understand that in order to qualify for a Certification, I must meet the following requirements and the requirements listed on the requirements page.

All participants must be qualified health care professionals based on criteria set forth by the certification agency.

Pre-requisites for Program Participation:

Must have Valid Photo ID
Must have High School Diploma, Possess a GED, or Have the equivalent from a foreign country

Our certification and continuing education programs are only designed for those persons who possess competency in the healthcare field, and have a prior background in healthcare by way of experience, schooling, and/or job training.


Medical Doctor (MD),
Emergency Medical Tech (EMT),
IV Tech,
Medical Lab Tech/Assistant (MLT/MLA),
Medical Office Assistant (MOA),
Dialysis Tech (DT),
Physician Assistant,
Physical Therapist,
Rehabilitation Specialist,
Health Information Technologist,
Health Records Specialist,
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (DMS),
Dental Hygienist,
student of allied health or all medical (pre-nursing, pre-medical) or Natural Science Majors (Biology, Chemistry)
Home Health Nurses
Medical Assistants Certified Medical Assistant (CMA),
CNAS Certified Nurse Aide (CNA), Nurses Aides
HHAS Home Health Aid,
Phlebotomists Phlebotomy Tech (PT),
Phlebotomy trainers
Laboratory personnel
Physicians & Medical Students
Midlevel Practitioners & Students
Nurses & Nursing Students
Associate/Nurse, Registered, Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse (RN, LPN, LVN)
EMS Personnel
Monitor Techs
Nurse Anesthetists & Nurse Anesthetist Students
Residential Healthcare Technician
Clinical laboratory personnel
Emergency medical providers
Emergency technicians
Direct Care Workers
International Medical Graduates (IMG), Foreign Medical Graduates (FMG), and US Medical Graduates Must be a medical school graduate that successfully completed the program (do not need to be licensed in US)
Successful completion of a structured training program
Certificate of completion, Transcript
Actual fieldwork, on the job training One-year of verifiable work experience (down load the work verification form on the forms page to be completed by your employer) Or a letter from your employer on company letter head signed by your supervisor.

I would like to register for the following programs:
Phlebotomy Technician $299Medical Assistant $699Patient Care Technician $699Healthcare Instructor Certification Workshop $998EKG Technician $399Pharmacy Technician $599Medical Billing and Coding $599Medical Laboratory Assistant $599Insurance Exam Technician/Paramedical Examiner $699Medical Administrative Assistant $599Residential Healthcare Technician $599IV Certification $690Healthcare Workers Bridge Program $495Multi Skill Healthcare Technician $1099EKG and Phlebotomy $3991 Day Operating Room & Surgical Tech Certification Workshop $499Program Registration Fee Only $50Special Promotion $199Test Only $199TEAS Exam $100


Live "sticks" will be done in the phlebotomy, patient Care tech, medical assistant and paramedical examiner workshops. These sticks include venipunctures and capillary sticks. These sticks will not be done during an externship, but will be done on fellow students and yourself, in a very supervised setting. If you are not comfortable having someone draw your blood, please do not enroll for this class.

Terms and Conditions:

Upon successful completion of the Workshop, the participant will receive a national certification, valid in all US states*.

*Restrictions are found in California and Louisiana, dependent solely upon your employer, as these two states have created state-specific licenses that may be required of you in order to perform Phlebotomy. Please check with your employer as to whether these restrictions may apply to you before registering with NMCA we will not be held responsible if you fail to do so, and all applicable cancellation policies and fees will be applied. Please read through our Terms and Conditions before submitting your registration.


I understand that the NMCA does not guarantee employment or provide any job placement assistance of any kind.


All certification workshops require advanced $150 non-refundable deposit. The remaining tuition will be collected at the first class period. If, due to insufficient numbers or other unforeseen reason, NMCA cannot proceed with a training and the training is canceled by NMCA, your $150 deposit and any tuition paid in advance will be refunded in 5-days. Every effort will be made to make cancellations before any registration fees have been received or travel bookings made. However the NMCA will not be responsible for any other financial losses incurred. Tuition must be paid in full on or before the first day of the workshop upon your arrival. All certified checks or money orders should be made payable to NMCA. Credit cards may also be used for payment online only. Confirmation cards will be emailed 3-days prior to each workshop and you will also receive a phone call from your instructor 3 days prior to the workshop.

The workshop cost is the total charge to the student, which includes tuition and application fee. Tuition is due and payable on the first day of the training unless paid in advance. Certifications will not be release in their are any balances owed to NMCA


We no longer take personal checks


Participants who wish to cancel/transfer their registration must provide official written notification. NMCA does not accept cancellations/transfers by phone. Cancellations/transfers must include the participant’s name, and program name & date. If you choose to cancel the class, you must cancel within three-days of registration in order to receive a full refund minus a $150.00 processing fee. Student must cancel in writing or by fax with in the three-day cancellation period for the refund to be valid. If student does not cancel with-in the three day period she/he forfeits all monies. There will be no exceptions. Refund will be issued within 5-days after cancellation. In the event that a student is dismissed from seminar/Workshop (for any reason) NO REFUND IS DUE. By registering for these Workshops/seminars you have read and acknowledge full understanding of the refund policy. The $150 Registration fee is non refundable if you cancel.

Cancellation policy:

If, due to insufficient numbers or other unforeseen reason, NMCA cannot proceed with a Workshop, the full registration fee and all tuition fees paid in avance will be refunded in 45-days. Every effort will be made to make cancellations before any registration fees have been received or travel bookings made. However the NMCA will not be responsible for any other financial losses incurred.

The NMCA Phlebotomy Training NCCMEA certification Exam shall not be used to obtain a California State Phlebotomy License or Louisiana. By submitting this form: I confirm that I meet all of the medical background pre-requisites for the seminar for which I am registering, I am at least 18 years of age, and I fully understand and agree with the NMCA policies stated on this form. I understand noncompliance of any of these policies will forfeit any obligation by NMCA.

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Check here if you have read the above statement understand the content of the information you have read. You further agree to adhere to all requirements stated on this page, and the registration requirements page.

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