Accelerated 1-Day Paramedical Examiner & Health/Wellness Screener continuing education Certification Workshop 100% hands-on 

  • Upon successful completion participants will receive Phlebotomy, EKG and Paramedical Examiner National Certification
  • Upon successful completion participants will receive 40 CE Hours
  • Unique from all other Paramedical Examiner & Health/Wellness Screener continuing education programs, because instead of requiring you to do weeks and months of training, we give you all the knowledge and skills you need in just a few days’


  • 18 years of age
  • High School Diploma, GED or International High School Diploma Equivalency
  • Experience or Education in Healthcare or a related field or Equivalent Field Experience.
  • Medical background such as medical/healthcare/science/dental or related– courses, field work, training, or volunteering in these fields

About The Certification Workshop

This is a unique 100% Hands-on 1-day Paramedical Examiner & Health/Wellness Screener continuing education certification workshop that provides the experienced student with additional skills and training in order to succeed in the healthcare field as a medical assistant or other healthcare professional. This workshop is intended to compliment the student’s current medical training and/or experience. This workshop contains lecture, discussion, and practical instruction. The student must demonstrate proficient Paramedical Examiner & Health/Wellness Screener, Medical Assistant, phlebotomy skills and EKG knowledge equivalent to the Paramedical Examiner & Health/Wellness Screener program but in a shorter timeframe. This workshop is intended for students with prior medical training, related education, or clinical experience.

This workshop consists of the two following parts Lecture and lab


  • Approximately two hour lecture will proceed the hand-on skills portion of the lab.
  • A book is provided to you for reference .
  • Material is presented by a qualified state approved instructor.

Skills Lab

  • Introduction to equipment and hands-on practice.
  • Practical demonstration and instructor feedback.
  • Student skill participation and guidance.
  • Difficult Draws-Tricks of the Trade
  • Difficult Skills-Tricks of the Trade

About the Mandatory Preparatory reading prerequisite

You can complete the preparatory reading at your own pace.( E-Book)

The Continuing Education (CE) Preparatory reading prerequisite Is a mandatory component of this Certification Workshop and must be completed before students arrive for the live training session of the certification workshop.

2 easy steps to earn CE credit for this workshop:

  1. READ the course material, which includes course Questions
  2. ANSWER the Questions using the online Answer Sheet

E-Book option Continuing Education (CE) Preparatory reading prerequisite

Upon registration, you will receive an email to download the  E-Book, which includes practice exams in PDF format that corresponds with the Workshop. You may either print this material and bring the hardcopy with you, or open the PDF using a reader on your mobile device or tablet – we recommend Adobe reader; it works great for editing and note taking!

Goals & Purpose of the Paramedical Examiner & Health/Wellness Screener Certification Program:

After the certification workshop, you will receive a certificate of completion for Paramedical Examiner/EKG Training, phlebotomy, and a certificate of participation for the Health Screening Certification Program. Sometimes called a “Field Examiner” or “Mobile Phlebotomist,” this exciting career is performing physical exams on clients for insurance companies. The exams are done at client’s home or business. Duties include taking a detailed medical history, gathering and recording vital signs, venipuncture, and performing a resting EKG. As an independent contractor, you set your own schedule and can even make your own appointments with clients directly.

The following areas will be covered in the Paramedical Examiner Workshop

Preparatory reading provided must be completed before students arrive for the live training section of the certification program.

  • Paramedical Examiner Skills
  • Introduction to Paramedical Examiner Course
  • Concurrent Teaching
  • Screening a Medical History
  • Measure blood pressure, height and weight
  • Sample collectionCollecting blood phlebotomy equipment
  • Collecting urine samples
  • Group discussion
  • Health Screener Skills
  • Live EKG
  • Practice Stations
  • Course Summary and Testing
  • Form completion and submission of paperwork
  • Communication Skills
  •  Exam

The Hands on clinical/classroom session

Our program are tailored to adult learning styles and promotes retention of key concepts through Classroom instruction, which will consist of theory providing the competencies required by the certification board for Certified Healthcare Professionals. The program will also include mandatory lab (hands on) training, classroom lecture, group discussions and activities. In addition we will also cover anatomy, physiology of blood, equipment, lab processing, special specimen procurement, OSHA, CLIA regulations, centrifuging, microscope use, capillary punctures etc. You will practice EKG’s and drawing blood on a training aid and then practice drawing blood and EKG ‘s on each other.  All attendees will be required to perform live venipuncture’s on each other under the direction of the instructor and/or licensed phlebotomist preceptor.


Day One


8:00 – 10:00 Paramedical Examiner Skills
Introduction to Paramedical Examiner Course
Concurrent Teaching
Screening a Medical History
Measure blood pressure, height and weight

10:00 am – 10:15 am Break

10:15 am – 12:00 pm Sample collection
Collecting blood phlebotomy equipment
Collecting urine samples
Group discussion

1:00 pm – 3:45 pm Health Screener Skills
Live EKG
Practice Stations

3:45 pm – 4:00 pm Break

4:00 p.m. – 6:00 pm Course Summary and Testing

Key Information


Insurance Exam Technician / Paramedical Examiner Certification workshop-  $699

Hands-on National Certification Exam, Lunch, Supplies & E-book included.

Class Length: 1-day approximately 8-hours

Education Requirements