National Medical Certification Association Mission Statement and Objectives:

NMCA is committed to the lifelong learning of healthcare professional in various practice settings. Our organization continues to serve as the premier provider of CME activities for healthcare professionals, by providing up to date, state of the art, high quality knowledge and application-based educational activities, that enhance contemporary healthcare practice, to qualified individuals. Emphasis on continuing education certification training is consistent with the mission of Medical Certification Association.

Our mission is fulfilled by:

  • Providing competency-based CME training activities through traditional and distance learning instructional delivery systems of the highest quality that will qualify individuals for certification employment and/or advancement in jobs.
  • Providing high quality CME training and retraining of employed healthcare professionals.
  • Providing high quality training that is economical and accessible to all healthcare professionals, thereby contributing to the economic and community development of the communities we serve.


We understand that Unfortunately, at this point in time most healthcare professionals do not command salaries comparable to other professionals, such as licensed physicians. To assure that tuition is kept as low as possible our fees are establish just enough to cover the expenses and labor involved in planning, advertising, and presenting CME events. The certification exam fee, supplies and reading material are all included in the workshops tuition fee.

Our Objective

is to equip the student with the most current theory and practical learning, by developing continuing education, and refresher programs, which include certification that increase the vitality and efficiency of healthcare professionals practice by providing educational programming that is high-quality, evidence-based, up-to-date, and learner-driven to enrich their continued professional education and development to improve patient outcomes necessary to become successful health care professionals.


Our purpose is to improve patient safety, health outcomes, compliance, and patient satisfaction by providing certification program’s designed to help graduate students and health care professionals with prior experience to enhance their skills, keep them abreast with industry standards and provide the mandatory continuing education units required to keep your certification current.

The faculty of NMCA believes the solution to meeting the needs of today’s healthcare providers lies in hands-on continuing education training, and cross training. As a means of achieving this goal, NMCA offers a variety of “hands-on” continuing medical education & certification programss and medical refreshers, which help nurses; healthcare professionals and employees perform every aspect of their job better. Our nationally certified instructor’s have years of experience and are very dedicated to helping you become the best you can.

NMCA is committed to creating and maintaining high standards in healthcare professionals continuing medical education by providing CME certification programs that reflect the increasingly complex nature of the healthcare field.


To educate and provide unsurpassed excellence high quality continuing medical education and professional development activities by providing formal lecture and practical “hands-on” training, which includes national certification, which are applicable to contemporary healthcare practice and meet the educational needs of healthcare professionals in various settings. . We will provide a professional, yet comfortable classroom setting that will promote safety and success while building student confidence through highly motivated instructors
Our continuing medical education activities will enable healthcare professionals to:                                                                                                              
1.  Improve their knowledge of contemporary healthcare practice
2.  Improve their ability to apply new knowledge to enhance patient care
3.  Meet educational requirements for recertification
4.  Become highly productive and successful in their careers by promoting both excellent patient care and accurate test specimens through proficient quality control and quality assurance