How It Works

How It Works

Simple Instructions 

Here’s how it works

Education Format 4 simple to understand steps

Our unique no obligation format allows you to:

  1. Register Online and submit payment to receive preparatory study material
  2. Receive the Preparatory Study Material and exam review questions by email with-in 4 hours after registration form and fee is received. Upon registration, you will receive a link from an outside vendor to download the free preparatory reading handouts, which includes practice test in PDF format. You may either print this handout and bring the hardcopy with you, or open the PDF using a reader on your mobile device or tablet – we recommend Adobe reader; it works great for editing and note taking! Preparatory reading must be completed before students arrive for the live training section of the certification program. Practice test must be submitted for you to receive continuing education credit. You will receive feedback on the material you submitted along with the continuing education certification of completion
  3. Workshops will also include mandatory lab (hands-on) training, classroom lecture, group discussions and activities. NMCA has some of the best-experienced industry experts teach these workshops at local community colleges, training sites and clinical sites or at your facility. Training site and test center location will be determined by the address you use on your registration form. We have partner test centers in 36 states.
  4. Receive second email with the workshops training site and the test center location for you to participate in the hands-on portion of the continuing education workshop and also sit for the National Certification Exam.