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Free Phlebotomy Class

Tuition Drawing

Due to the unprecedented economic difficulties roiling our nation making it increasingly difficult for healthcare/medical professional pay for continuing education and certification. National Medical Certification Association offers a free tuition drawing to help foster your resilience in tough economic times

Take a chance! You could win a free phlebotomy class. NMCA Tuition Drawing Program gives healthcare/medical professionals an opportunity to attend the Medical Certification Bridge program for free.

Email Instructions for tuition drawing

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • City
  • State

Sent to the following email address

Congratulations to our November 2020 Winners!

  1. Sarah Bryant
  2. Michael Richardson
  3. Delores Lucciano
  4. Tray Davidson

Next Drawing will be December 5th 2020

What happens after you enter you?

The names of all winners from each state will be listed on this page December 5th at 10pm