About Us

What Makes National Medical Certification Association for Medical Professionals (NMCA) workshops different from our competition?

  • No other company offers such in depth, hands-on experience like our 1-day continuing education workshops.
  • There is truly nothing out there that does what we do, the way we do, in the amount of time that we do it, and provides the resources we provide.
  • In our workshops, you’ll roll up your sleeves and get lots of hands-on practice 6 hours of hands-on) and lecture (2 hours of lecture)
  • 100% Passing Rate
  • Small Classes
  • Experienced Instructors
  • Train And Test The National Certification Here the same day

What we have to offer you
You’re busy. We know. That’s why our Continuing Education workshops get right down to what you want to learn.

Qualified healthcare Professionals can refresh, get hands on training by licensed professionals, and take the certification exam the same day after completion of the 1 day certification workshop, so their able to get nationally certified quickly, and effectively for jobs in one of the fastest growing sectors of the job market.

Offering a full suite of accelerated continuing education & healthcare certification workshops for (qualified healthcare professionals) , including Phlebotomy Technician CPT, Clinical Medical Assistant CMA, Patient Care Technician CPCT, EKG Technician CET, Pharmacy Technician CPHT, Medical Billing & Coding Specialist CBCS, Medical Laboratory Assistant CMLA, Paramedical Exam Technician CIET, and Medical Administrative Assistant CMAA and more.

Who we are

Established in 2008 a collaborative partnership between four organizations:

National Medical Certification Association  (NMCA) is a private premier nationwide medical certification and health career continuing education provider that offers a variety of medical certifications and continuing medical education workshops throughout the year for (qualified healthcare professionals) seeking to update, and increase their knowledge, and skills on a continuum from previous training or experience, that would advance the healthcare professionals contributions to quality health care.

NMCA provides a challenging curricula to assist healthcare professionals to raise their levels of expertise while fulfilling their continuing education & certification requirements, thereby improving the quality of healthcare.

National Medical Certification Association (NMCA) is dedicated to providing learning opportunities to advance the development of best practices and resources that make healthcare professionals perform every aspect of their job better. When it comes to improving your skills and taking your career to the next level, there’s really no substitute for NMCA’s CME live learning events.

Our certification workshops are tailored to adult learning styles and promotes retention of key concepts through Classroom instruction, which consists of hands-on lab practice, lecture, group discussions, and group activities with life-like manikins.

In order to provide the best patient care health professionals should invest in educational opportunities that give them up to date knowledge and skills. There are a number of continuing education training opportunities that you could choose, but we believe our commitment to the health care needs of our society by providing the highest Nationally Certified workshops make us the company you will want to choose. We are comprised of dedicated professionals who want to provide you with the latest skill and safety techniques. We are listed with the Business Accreditation Bureau, and are “Provider approved by the board of Registered Nursing”, as well as affiliated with the ACAHC (Accreditation Commission for Allied Health Career Certifications), an accrediting and continuing education agency.

We work with various federal and state agencies, veteran`s programs, human resource agencies, job services, hospitals, community organisations, etc. NMCA is continuously seeking additional opportunities to provide outstanding educational services to its members. We invite you to take some time to look through our site and the different medical certification exams and workshop options.