Multi Skill Health Care Technician
Multi-skilled technicians are professionals who perform a variety of tasks at a hospital, from working in labs and offices to helping patients one-on-one. They work in different clinical roles, including nurse’s aide, phlebotomist, obtaining blood samples from patients by capillary or venipuncture, EKG technician and more.
The Multi-Skill Health Technician Certification Workshop at Medical Certification Association for Healthcare Professionals is designed to give healthcare professionals a review or refresher from previous training or experience. Our 8-hour workshop will prepare you to sit for the certification exam at the end of the workshop.
Because a multi-skill health technician plays many roles in the medical field upon completion of the workshop and passing the combined competency exam the Participants will receive the following 5 certifications:
  • Phlebotomy
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Multi Skill’s Technician
  • Patient Care Technician Must have valid and current CNA Licenses, Medical Doctor Licenses, or RN Licenses to attend this workshop
  • Clinical Medical Assistant
This workshop is $1099 which includes all certifications

Please review the requirements page before you register for this workshop.

*Healthcare Workers Bridge Program

No written exam is required!!

Your work experience may qualify you for our healthcare workers certification bridge program, which allows you to obtain certification from your work experience alone. Candidates who meet the requirements listed on the Healthcare Workers Bridge page will receive a waiver on the written exam. Please view the Healthcare Workers Bridge Program Page for details.