How It Works

How It Works

(NMCA’s) accelerated hands-on continuing education & certification workshop’s were developed for (qualified healthcare professionals) that don’t have thousands of dollars to spend going back to school in tough economic times like these for skills they already have when they really only need a refresher, continuing education or certification.

Most Healthcare professionals have experience, but lack documentation. Our certification workshops are designed to give the healthcare professional a refresher course or continuing medical education hands-on class that includes certification, because most employers only hire healthcare professionals with valid certification.

NMCA offers three ways to obtain certification:

NMCA offers Hands-on Certification and continuing education workshops for those of you who prefer a classroom style workshop with the hands-on “see and do method” from a Certified instructor.
Bridge Program for those who are already working in the field and need Certification only.
E-Learning (Online) or Home Study for those of you who prefer to study and test on your own time in the comfort of your own home.

Section A.

Please Read the 3 Options we offer

Option 1.

Healthcare Workers Bridge Program

No written exam is required!!

Your work experience may qualify you for our healthcare workers certification bridge program, which allows you to obtain certification from your work experience alone. Candidates who meet the requirements listed on the Healthcare Workers Bridge page will receive a waiver on the written exam. Please view the Healthcare Workers Bridge Program Page for details.

Option 2.

If you have no experience you can apply through our licensed school New Career Training Institute for entry-level programs.

Option 3.

  1. No experience Required!! Do you offer programs for people with no experience? Our school New Career Training Institute offers entry-level programs for students that do not qualify for our 1-day accelerated hands-on continuing education & certification workshops. Please visit New Careers site to learn more about the entry-level programs offered.
  2. Do I need prior medical experience or education to qualify for this workshop? Yes see requirements below. Questions pertaining to your eligibility to participate in these continuing education activities and certification workshops!!! Are Listed below. You can also fax 877-554-5380 or email questions and your work experience to the if your unsure if you qualify or not. 
  3. How does the program work? Simple easy to understand instructions are listed below
  4. Where can I find the upcoming schedule for my area? The schedule and locations can be found on the schedule page.
  5. Who long is the workshop? This Certification Workshop Consists of about 24- 32 Hours in total (16 – 24 hours of preparatory home study and 8 hours hands-on classroom/clinical) Our Workshops consist of a – One day class – Combination of Home study and Hands on classroom. THESE 1 DAY CERTIFICATION WORKSHOPS FOR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS ARE FAST, SKILL-BASED AND HANDS-ON HELD FROM 9 AM-5 PM. Upon successful completion of the Workshop, the participant will receive a national certification, valid in all US states*.
  6. Where is the Location? Your location for the hands-on portion of the workshop and certification exam will be determined by the address you use on your registration form!!!! Usually With in a 20 minute distance at a local partner heathcare facility.
  7. Any question that can be answered on this page or on the faq page!!!
  8. What will you learn in the workshop? Can be found on the page of the workshop your interested in!!!
  9. Who teaches the workshops? Workshops are instructed by industry experienced healthcare professionals
  10. Will I sit for the National certification exam? National Certification Exams are proctored by the certification board. Once you have completed and passed your certification exam. Your certification and wallet card will be mailed separately from the certification board in 5-7 business days.

​Section B.

Simple Instructions & Registration Requirements

Here’s how it works

Education Format 4 simple to understand steps

Our unique no obligation format allows you to:

  1. Register Online and submit payment to receive preparatory study material
  2. Receive the Preparatory Study Material and exam review questions by email with-in 4 hours after registration form and fee is received. Upon registration, you will receive a link from an outside vendor to download the free preparatory reading handouts, which includes practice test in PDF format. You may either print this handout and bring the hardcopy with you, or open the PDF using a reader on your mobile device or tablet – we recommend Adobe reader; it works great for editing and note taking! Preparatory reading must be completed before students arrive for the live training section of the certification program. Practice test must be submitted for you to receive continuing education credit. You will receive feedback on the material you submitted along with the continuing education certification of completion
  3. Workshops will also include mandatory lab (hands on) training, classroom lecture, group discussions and activities. NMCA has some of the best-experienced industry experts teach these workshops at local community colleges, training sites and clinical sites or at your facility. Training site and test center location will be determined by the address you use on your registration form. We have partner test centers in 36 states.
  4. Receive second email with the workshops training site and the test center location for you to participate in the hands-on portion of the continuing education workshop and also sit for the National Certification Exam.

Section C.

About The Program

Our Healthcare Training program is one of most successful accelerated healthcare job training & certification programs in the nation, which was designed to help individuals with prior (healthcare) experience to enhance their skills, keep them abreast with industry standards and provide the mandatory continuing education units required to keep their certification current.

The intensive certification program allows qualified individuals to complete the training in less than two days students will be required to complete review modules and practice test online, study material can also be emailed or picked up from our office, in addition the student is required to complete a 1 day of hands on class/clinical, which also includes an exam review session prior to sitting for the certification exam the last two hours of the workshop. Students can register for up to 3 certification workshops at a time, which makes them eligible to challenge more than one exam, and receive separate certifications for each certification workshop of study. The student’s resume would become very impressive with all these certifications, which would open up better employment opportunities. All of the certification workshops are offered during the day, evening or on weekends, making them accessible to adults who are working while attending certification classes.

Section D.

These certification & continuing education workshops are great for:Lapsed certification
Continuing education hours
For individuals with 1-year experience working in the medical field that would like to become certified.
Healthcare facilities and nursing groups to upgrade and keep current in nursing practice.
Unemployed/underemployed healthcare professionals with prior healthcare background by way of schooling or experience.
For any licensed or certified healthcare professionals who are motivated to learn and enrich their lives.
Students that have trouble passing their certification exam due to test anxiety.
Medical Assistants & Patient Care Technicians that want to get certified in Phlebotomy & EKG in as little as 1 day!
Students graduating from an allied health training program that need certification
Healthcare Professionals that were trained on the job, but were never certified.
Healthcare Professionals that have not practiced in a while, and need a review or refresher
International Medical Graduates (IMG), Foreign Medical Graduates (FMG), and US Medical Graduates Must be a medical school graduate that successfully completed the program (do not need to be licensed in US)
Veteran`s (military medical experience) 

Section E.

Our certification and continuing education workshops are only designed for those persons who possess competency in the healthcare field, and have a prior background in healthcare by way of experience, schooling, and/or job training. You must have High School Diploma, Possess a GED, or Have the equivalent from a foreign country, Certificate of completion, Transcript.

Required Documentation that must be submitted before Certification Workshop & Continuing Education Activity Participation:

One must demonstrate eligibility in order to register for any of our wokshops/seminars. You will be asked to submit verifiable proof that you fulfill (one) of the following requirements in section 1 or 2 listed below. (Please submit to the or When you arrive to the live training and exam you must also show valid state issued photo ID. (See below)

* You must submit and show valid state issued non expired photo ID or US Passport when you arrive to the training. (NO Exceptions)

Must submit proof of:

  • Actual fieldwork, on the job training One-year of verifiable work experience (down load the work verification form on the forms page to be completed by your employer) Or a letter from your employer on company letter head signed by your supervisor.

Please submit the requested information listed in 1 & 2 below. Submit via fax 877-554-5380 or email to the before you arrive to the training.

  • Actual fieldwork, on the job training One-year of verifiable work experience (down load the work verification form on the forms page to be completed by your employer) Or a letter from your employer on company letter head signed by your supervisor.
  • If you don’t have prior work experience you must provide proof of previous training such as diploma, transcripts, certificate of completion, licenses, or certification from previous certification board.

Section F.

International Medical Graduates, Foreign Medical Graduates (IMG,FMG) Can participate in NMCA’s continuing education and certification workshops and challenge the exams.

The NMCA can help International Medical Graduates, Foreign Medical Graduates (IMG,FMG) who have already successfully completed their program (do not need to be licensed in US)

In addition to the above instructions Please submit proof of education as stated in paragraph 1 below. Submit via fax 877-554-5380 or email to the before you arrive to the training.*NOTE: The board accepts copies of diplomas or letters from training institutions as verification. If original documents are in a language other than English, English translation must accompany them. NO EXCEPTIONS