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National Medical Certification Association for Medical Professionals (NMCA)

What we have to offer you
You’re busy. We know. That’s why our Continuing Education workshops get right down to what you want to learn.

Qualified healthcare Professionals can refresh, get hands on training by licensed professionals, and take the certification exam the same day after completion of the 1 day certification workshop, so their able to get nationally certified quickly, and effectively for jobs in one of the fastest growing sectors of the job market.
NMCA offers three ways to obtain certification:

  • NMCA offers Hands-on Certification and continuing education workshops for those of you who prefer a classroom style workshop with the hands-on “see and do method” from a Certified instructor.
  • Bridge Program for those who are already working in the field and need Certification only.
  • E-Learning (Online) or Home Study for those of you who prefer to study and test on your own time in the comfort of your own home.

Why do we offer this program

(NMCA’s) accelerated hands-on continuing education & certification workshop’s were developed for (qualified healthcare professionals) that don’t have thousands of dollars to spend going back to school in tough economic times like these for skills they already have when they really only need a refresher, continuing education or certification.

Most Healthcare professionals have experience, but lack documentation. Our certification workshops are designed to give the healthcare professional a refresher or continuing education hands-on class, which includes certification, because most employers only hire healthcare professionals with valid certification.

Our Workshops consist of a – One day class – Combination of Home study and Hands on classroom. THESE 1 DAY CERTIFICATION WORKSHOPS FOR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS ARE FAST, SKILL-BASED AND HANDS-ON HELD FROM 10 AM-6 PM. Upon successful completion of the Workshop, the participant will receive a national certification, valid in all US states*.

These workshop’s are tailored to adult learning styles and promotes retention of key concepts through Classroom instruction, which will consist of theory providing the competencies required by the certification board for Certified Healthcare Professionals.

Our goal is to help you complete the certification workshop successfully, pass your certification exams, so you’re able to get a job in your career as quickly as possible. The faculty members of NMCA have both real world and academic experience and are dedicated to meeting the educational and workforce training needs of communities and businesses across the nation.

We offer a full suite of accelerated continuing education & healthcare certification workshops for (qualified healthcare professionals) in a variety of healthcare fields, ranging from 1-2 day’s to not more that 16 hours, including Phlebotomy Technician CPT, Clinical Medical Assistant CMA, Patient Care Technician CPCT, EKG Technician CET, Pharmacy Technician CPHT, Medical Billing & Coding Specialist CBCS, Medical Laboratory Assistant CMLA, Paramedical Exam Technician CIET, and Medical Administrative Assistant CMAA.

These workshops are great for:

  • For any licensed or certified healthcare professionals who are motivated to learn and enrich their lives.
  • Lapsed certification
  • Continuing education hours
  • For individuals with 1-year experience working in the medical field that would like to become certified.
  • Healthcare facilities and nursing groups interested in upgrading and keep current in nursing practice.
  • Unemployed/underemployed healthcare professionals with prior healthcare background by way of schooling or experience.
  • For any licensed or certified healthcare professionals who are motivated to learn and enrich their lives.
  • Students that have trouble passing their certification exam due to test anxiety.
  • Medical Assistants & Patient Care Technicians that want to get certified in Phlebotomy & EKG in as little as 1 day!
  • Students graduating from an allied health training program that need certification
  • Healthcare Professionals that were trained on the job, but were never certified.
  • Healthcare Professionals that have not practiced in a while, and need a review or refresher
  • International Medical Graduates (IMG), Foreign Medical Graduates (FMG), and US Medical Graduates. Must be a medical school graduate that successfully completed the program (do not need to be licensed in US)
  • Veteran`s ( military medical experience)

Healthcare Workers Bridge Program

No written exam is required!!

Your work experience may qualify you for our healthcare workers certification bridge program, which allows you to obtain certification from your work experience alone. Candidates who meet the requirements listed on the Healthcare Workers Bridge page will receive a waiver on the written exam. Please view the Healthcare Workers Bridge Program Page for details.

Who we are

National Medical Certification Association for Health Care Professionals is a professional organization that specializes in “Certification Workshops” and Continuing Education Activities. We provide CE Hours and skill enhancement services only. “Continuing Education Providers “Provider approved by the Board of Registered Nursing” License Provider Number CEP16551 Valid through 10/31/2019

Established in 2013 a collaborative partnership between four organizations: The National Medical Certification Association for Health Care Professionals, The National Healthcare Workers Association (www.nhcwa.com) The National Patient Care Technician Association (www.npcta.com) & The National Council on Continuing Medical Education Assessment (www.nccmea.com) National Medical Certification Association  (NMCA) is a private premier nationwide medical certification and health career continuing education provider that offers a variety of medical certifications and continuing medical education workshops throughout the year for (qualified healthcare professionals) seeking to update, and increase their knowledge, and skills on a continuum from previous training or experience that would advance the healthcare professionals contributions to quality health care. NMCA provide’s a challenging curricula to assist healthcare professionals to raise their levels of expertise while fulfilling their continuing education & certification requirements, thereby improving the quality of healthcare.

National Medical Certification Association (NMCA) is dedicated to providing learning opportunities to advance the development of best practices and resources that make healthcare professionals perform every aspect of their job better. When it comes to improving your skills and taking your career to the next level, there’s really no substitute for NMCA CME live learning events. Our certification program’s are tailored to adult learning styles and promotes retention of key concepts through Classroom instruction, which consists of hands-on lab practice, lecture, group discussions, and group activities with life-like manikins.

About The Program

Accelerated healthcare training & certification program:

Our Healthcare Training program is one of most successful accelerated healthcare job training & certification programs in the nation, which was designed to help individuals with prior (healthcare) experience to enhance their skills, keep them abreast with industry standards and provide the mandatory continuing education units required to keep their certification current.

The intensive certification program allows qualified individuals to complete the training in less than two days students will be required to complete review modules and practice test online, study material can also be emailed or picked up from our office, in addition the student is required to complete a 1 day of hands on class/clinical, which also includes an exam review session prior to sitting for the certification exam the last two hours of the workshop. Students can register for up to 3 certification workshops at a time, which makes them eligible to challenge more than one exam, and receive separate certifications for each certification workshop of study. The student’s resume would become very impressive with all these certifications, which would open up better employment opportunities. All of the certification workshops are offered during the day, evening or on weekends, making them accessible to adults who are working while attending certification classes.

The online preparatory reading session

This Certification Workshop Consists of about 24- 32 Hours in total (16-24 hours of preparatory home study and 8 hours classroom/clinical)

Upon registration, you will receive a link from an outside vendor to download the free preparatory reading handout, which includes practice test in PDF format. You may either print this handout and bring the hardcopy with you, or open the PDF using a reader on your mobile device or tablet – we recommend Adobe reader; it works great for editing and note taking! Preparatory reading must be completed before students arrive for the live training section of the certification program.

Regulations for the certification program for both NHCWA CEUs and NPCTA call for self-evaluations to be completed by participants to demonstrate that they had viewed the entirety of each preparatory reading. NCCMEA has chosen to require participants to complete “quizzes” to comply with these rules. If a participant receives less than a 70 percent on a quiz, he or she will be asked to retake the quiz. Each quiz may be viewed three times, making it possible for the participant to review either the entire or sections of the quiz in order to better prepare for the national exam.

The Hands on clinical/classroom session

The program will also include mandatory lab (hands on) training, classroom lecture, group discussions and activities. NMCA has some of the best-experienced industry experts teach these workshops at local community colleges, training sites and clinical sites or at your facility. Clinical location is usually determined by the address you list on your registration form

What is NMCA,s Continuing Education?

The Continuing Education Department offers non-credit, hands-on, and home study workshops for personal or professional enrichment, which also includes National Certification. Workshop length varies from one day to two days. Registration is open to qualified medical professionals

In order to provide the best patient care health professionals should invest in educational opportunities that give them up to date knowledge and skills. There are a number of continuing education training opportunities that you could choose, but we believe our commitment to the health care needs of our society by providing the highest Nationally Certified workshops make us the company you will want to choose. We are comprised of dedicated professionals who want to provide you with the latest skill and safety techniques. We are listed with the Business Accreditation Bureau, and are “Provider approved by the board of Registered Nursing”, as well as affiliated with the ACAHC (Accreditation Commission for Allied Health Career Certifications), an accrediting and continuing education agency.

We work with various federal and state agencies, veteran`s programs, human resource agencies, job services, hospitals, community organisations, etc. NMCA is continuously seeking additional opportunities to provide outstanding educational services to its members. We invite you to take some time to look through our site and the different medical certification exams and workshop options.
Upon successful completion of the Workshop, the participant will receive a national certification, valid in all US states*.

Federal Law does not require (qualified Healthcare Professionals) that meet certain professional standards to attend lengthy traditional programs in order to obtain certification. The participants must be (qualified health care professionals) based on criteria set forth by the certification agency. NMCA is not a school our certification programs are designed to help only qualified healthcare professionals who are at least 18 years of age with a high school diploma, GED, or have the equivalent from a foreign country, and with prior experience in the medical field through their job, the military, or schooling to enhance your skills from previous training, keep you abreast with industry standards, provide the mandatory continuing education units required to keep your certification current and to become nationally certified in the field.

School Partnership

In addition NMCA also partners with schools, medical facilities, universities, and colleges in providing continuing education & certification programs. Operating under a service agreement with your school, NMCA provides a wide-range of support services, including curriculum development, marketing, instructor support, and internship placement. In addition NMCA can also conduct research and develop new programs to serve the local community.


We understand that Unfortunately, at this point in time most healthcare professionals do not command salaries comparable to other professionals, such as licensed physicians. To assure that tuition is kept as low as possible our fees are establish just enough to cover the expenses and labor involved in planning, advertising, and presenting CME events. The certification exam fee, supplies and reading material are all included in the seminar tuition fee.

Our Objective

is to equip the student with the most current theory and practical learning, by developing continuing education, and refresher programs, which include certification that increase the vitality and efficiency of healthcare professionals practice by providing educational programming that is high-quality, evidence-based, up-to-date, and learner-driven to enrich their continued professional education and development to improve patient outcomes necessary to become successful health care professionals.


Our purpose is to improve patient safety, health outcomes, compliance, and patient satisfaction by providing certification program’s designed to help graduate students and health care professionals with prior experience to enhance their skills, keep them abreast with industry standards and provide the mandatory continuing education units required to keep your certification current.

The faculty of NMCA believes the solution to meeting the needs of today’s healthcare providers lies in hands-on continuing education training, and cross training. As a means of achieving this goal, NMCA offers a variety of “hands-on” continuing medical education & certification programss and medical refreshers, which help nurses; healthcare professionals and employees perform every aspect of their job better. Our nationally certified instructor’s have years of experience and are very dedicated to helping you become the best you can.


NMCA teaches these hands-on certification workshops at local community colleges, training sites and clinical sites or at your facility. These certification programs are scheduled throughout the year to provide continuing education opportunities to healthcare professionals. Custom seminars or hands-on workshops are also developed to meet your specific needs.

NMCA is committed to creating and maintaining high standards in healthcare professionals continuing medical education by providing CME certification programs that reflect the increasingly complex nature of the healthcare field.

Mission Statement and Objectives:

NMCA is committed to the lifelong learning of healthcare professional in various practice settings. Our organization continues to serve as the premier provider of CME activities for healthcare professionals, by providing up to date, state of the art, high quality knowledge and application-based educational activities, that enhance contemporary healthcare practice, to qualified individuals. Emphasis on continuing education certification training is consistent with the mission of Healthcare Professionals Institute.

Our mission is fulfilled by:

  • Providing competency-based CME training activities through traditional and distance learning instructional delivery systems of the highest quality that will qualify individuals for certification employment and/or advancement in jobs.
  • Providing high quality CME training and retraining of employed healthcare professionals.
  • Providing high quality training that is economical and accessible to all healthcare professionals, thereby contributing to the economic and community development of the communities we serve.


To educate and provide unsurpassed excellence high quality continuing medical education and professional development activities by providing formal lecture and practical “hands-on” training, which includes national certification, which are applicable to contemporary healthcare practice and meet the educational needs of healthcare professionals in various settings. . We will provide a professional, yet comfortable classroom setting that will promote safety and success while building student confidence through highly motivated instructors
Our continuing medical education activities will enable healthcare professionals to:
1.  Improve their knowledge of contemporary healthcare practice
2.  Improve their ability to apply new knowledge to enhance patient care
3.  Meet educational requirements for recertification
4.  Become highly productive and successful in their careers by promoting both excellent patient care and accurate test specimens through proficient quality control and quality assurance

Why Choose Us?

  • 98% Passing Rate
  • 1 free retake if you fail the certification exam the 1st time
  • Small Classes
  • Experienced Instructors
  • Train And Test Here the same day
  • Why pay thousands of dollars for college or technical school in tough economic times like these for skills you already have? College is not required for phlebotomy certification. Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) and many other allied healthcare positions offer a professional status and do not require College or Technical school.
  • Please visit NHCWA’s new job board at www.healthcarejobregistry.com to post your resume.
  • Students & Employers have 24hour to the certification verification registry
  • Students will be active on the certification verification registry www.certifiedhealthcareprofessionals.com in 5 business days and will receive their certifications by mail in 7 business days


Most Healthcare professionals have experience, but lack documentation. Our certification programs are designed to give the healthcare professional a refresher course or continuing medical education hands-on class that includes certification, because most employers only hire healthcare professionals with valid certification.

Certification – It’s the professional thing to do In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s harder than ever to impress your clients and employers. In this environment, there are only so many ways for you to differentiate yourself from fellow healthcare professionals seeking the same opportunities. Now more than ever, it’s critical that all healthcare professionals take the next step by becoming certified. It is crucial that you diversify your skills and add new skills to your resume. It’s time for you to add certification to your list of career accomplishments.

Student that successfully complete the training in its entirety, and pass the national exam will receive certification from our partners the NHCWA, NPCTA, or NCCMEA, which are all accredited, and recognized worldwide. They provide certifications for schools, and other qualified healthcare professionals. The certifications are national and accepted in all 50 states.

Certification v certificate 


Results from an assessment process that recognizes an individual’s knowledge, skills and competency in a particular specialty

Typically requires professional experience

Awarded by a third-party, standard-setting organization, typically not for profit

Indicates mastery/competency as measured against a defensible set of standards, usually by application or exam

Standards set through a defensible, industry-wide process (job analysis/role delineation) that results in an outline of required knowledge and skills

Typically results in credentials to be listed after one’s name (CMA, CPT, CPCT)

Has on-going requirements in order to maintain; holder must demonstrate he/she continues to meet requirements

Certificate of completion:

Awarded by educational programs or institutions that indicates completion of a course

National Medical Certification Association for Health Care Professionals does not provide nor guarantee jobs. We provide CE Hours and skill enhancement services only. “Continuing Education Provider Number CEP16551 Valid through 10/31/2019

Federal Law does not require Healthcare Professionals that meet certain professional standards to attend lengthy traditional programs in order to obtain certification. These workshops does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.